Avatar Genie Pro Review

Avatar Genie Pro Review - read this review before consider investing this piece of software. Remember to check out the bonus package worth $1297!



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Avatar Genie Pro

What is Avatar Genie Pro?

Avatar Genie Pro is a web based app where you can build your own cartoon character from its rich library of costumes, poses, hairstyles, and more.

Think of it as "The Sims" for Internet Marketing or Business. Users can point-and-click and build their very own unique characters for:


  • Representing their business
  • Product cover
  • Website
  • Logo
  • Packaging
  • Advertisement
  • Marketing materials
  • Social media
  • And a lot more...


Avatar Genie Pro

Who is the creator of Avatar Genie Pro?

June Ashley, Kayte Lee and Edmund Loh are the proud creator of Avatar Genie Pro. They have been creating graphical software for years, and all the products they created are very useful for online business, branding, and marketing. Among the products that they created are: Cover Genie Pro, Logo Genie Pro, Female Mascot Maker, Inforgraphics Business Edition, Graphics Empire Firesale, Infographics Motivation and Infographics IM Edition. The partners established Graphic Sling as a company and offers various products mentioned above to customers.


Features of Avatar Genie Pro

  • Web based app; thus you can create your cartoon character anytime and anywhere!
  • Simple and easy to use builder; you do not need any design skill!
  • Work on desktop and mobile devices; for the on-the-go person like you!
  • Create premium quality character in minutes; give your client a great impression!
  • Fully customizable character builder; point-and-click style that is easier than PHOTOSHOP!
  • Full developer rights to your work; you don't need to worry about someone claim from you!



Example of avatars:





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Benefits To You And Your Business using Avatar Genie Pro

With Avatar Genie Pro, you can easily create a royalty-free customized cartoon character that you can use in your business. You can use the avatar in anywhere in your business to create high-attention identification. Normal business seldom use cartoon character and using this different approach may draw audience attention. 

You can use the avatar in your sales video, website, presentation slides, product cover, forum, avatar profile, social media, banner Ads, print it on T-shirts (you can start a T-shirt selling business.. 🙂 ) and much more possibilities!

Even if you are not using Avatar Genie Pro for yourself, you can become the creator/designer and help your client to create customize avatar and start building a business or online income from it. A simple design may cost $100-$300 per character. So this is a good business to start with.


Another point is, using Avatar Genie Pro will save you lots of time. You wouldn't want to spend days to deal with your designer only to come back and forth for design change. Where you can easily create yourself in just minutes. 

Demo Video of Avatar Genie Pro

Avatar Genie Pro Bonus - total worth $1297

Bonus # 1 :  Secret 6-figure training (worth $497)

  • You will get to attend the secret LIVE TRAINING on 7 June 2016 with 2 underground marketers who's been making millions of dollars online. They are here to help others like you to be successful online as well!

Bonus # 2 : 10 HD background (worth $300)

  • You will be able to get access to 10 high quality backgrounds with artistic impressions that match your avatar or mascot character. These backgrounds are designed in 3508 x 2481 pixels and available on PNG and PSD format, where you can use them as backdrop for your videos or presentations.

Bonus # 3 : "Grandfathered" Privilege (worth $500) 

  • This means that you will be receiving updates very soon without any extra fees! Current the team is already working on new body type and you can get access to the updates or new elements free of charge.



Avatar Genie Pro Bonus

Verdict for Avatar Genie Pro

Why You Should Invest In Avatar Genie Pro?


  • Massively usable on your business to create an engagement icon
  • Fair price point with free updates support
  • Royalty-free works that is sell-able
  • Bonus package worth $1297
  • Easy-to-use software, web-based application, create avatar on-the-go
  • Save time and energy, do not need Photoshop skill

Avatar Genie Pro is for You If...


  • You want to have a fresh, new character in your sales video and video presentation
  • You want to spice up your sales letter and graphic with high quality character personalization
  • You desperately want to improve the look and feel of your website, cover, and marketing materials
  • You want to create avatar for others

Final recommendation?


  • It will be a good buy for those that want to start a brand new look for their identification in website, social media, presentation or marketing materials.
  • Prices wise is fair with the provided feature and ease of use.
  • Royalty-free advantage that helps in making Avatar Genie Pro a good tool to start your own gig in Fiverr
  • Most importantly time-saving

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Frequent Asked Questions

Q: Is Avatar Genie Pro software a web based or desktop application?

A: Avatar Genie Pro is a web based application. It can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. The updates are timely and automatic so you don't have to worry about making manual upgrades. Remember, there's nothing to install - just log in and start building your characters!

Q: Are there any monthly subscriptions when I use Avatar Genie Pro?

A: No, your purchase of this software is a one-time payment only. No sneaky re-bills. Your use of Avatar Genie Pro is lifetime (life of this entire service).

Q: Do I need to use Photoshop in Avatar Genie Pro?

A: No, in fact you don’t even need to have any experience in designing to use it. The point-n-click style is programmed to achieve fantastic results with minimum effort! It is easy to use but don't let the simplicity of our software fool you. There is a lot more you can do with Avatar Genie Pro!

Q: Can I use Avatar Genie Pro for my client's work?

A: Yes, you can! Works produced from Avatar Genie Pro can be used for your clients. You get to keep your final product so you can store and use them at your disposal whenever you want!

Q: What is the export format of characters made by Avatar Genie Pro?

A: PNG format with transparent background, 96 dpi. This means the quality is good enough for printable works.


Avatar Genie Pro

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