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Ever heard of Facebook Instant Articles? This is a new way for publisher to create fast and interactive articles on Facebook. The platform is like the videos or photos that’s loaded in your news feed, where you’ll have fast responsive experience viewing it.


There’s reasons why Facebook create this platform for publishers/bloggers. One of it is to make sure Facebook users stays and not swaying away from Facebook. That way, they can keep the traffic at FB and then they can show you more ads and earn more from there.


Also, by providing a fast loading speed for the article, interactive image and video, the reader will have a whole new experience and most likely stay on until the end of the post / article. Another reason is capture the mobile market, and encourage more shares to other their network.


Watch what Facebook want to achieve with Instant Articles.


So far, there’s only big companies using this Instant Articles platform. Why? Because it’s not easy to setup and you need a certain level of technical know-how before you can utilize it. If you’re not technical-savvy, then probably you’ll need a developer. And there’s where Bolt Publisher come in to solve your problem. And now, you too can take advantage of FB Instant Articles platform.

What is Bolt Publisher ?

Bolt Publisher is a brand new software that’s going to help you to easily within minutes publish profitable content to Social Media, in this case Facebook. This is a brand new software the market has never seen before that solves a big problem for marketers and businesses using Facebook. This is one of the best ways right now to generate exposure over Facebook as well as leads and sales.


Facebook is the largest social network out there and tapping to this market will be able to let you siphon unlimited traffic. You may ask why Bolt Publisher? Well, the answer is simple, you get to post your articles or blog posts easily to your Facebook Instant Articles platform with just this simple drag-and-drop editor. On top of that, because it’s a FB platform, your articles will preferably featured in user's’ news feed, thus improve your page’s visibility.


  • Product: Bolt Publisher
  • Vendor: Sam Bakker, Justin Burns
  • Launch date: 25th October 2016
  • Price Range: FE $37
  • Website: Click here to access the website
  • Bonus Page: Click here to access the bonus page

Why do I need Bolt Publisher ?

If you’re owning a Facebook fan page / company’s Facebook page, then this is for you. In order to use Bolt Publisher you’ll need a Facebook page, where you’ll post your articles to it.


If you’re a blogger or you own a website where you publish posts regularly, then it’s for you too. You’ll get to utilize this incredible Instant Article platform to help you improve visibility and leads.


If you’re product owner or affiliate that own a website, you can tap into Facebook traffic easily without the need of FB Ads (of course FB Ads can reach more). Post your offers or product review directly to your FB page and get higher sales from the massive traffic.


If you're constantly writing blogs but still not getting any leads, then this is for you as well.

Bolt Publisher Features

  1. 100% FB approved, cloud-based software takes you STRAIGHT to the traffic, cutting through ALL the hassles of configuring Instant Articles manually.
  2. Step-by-step video training shows you how to drive traffic to YOUR content within minutes
  3. MONETIZE your mobile traffic easier than ever – link to your own offers or monetize with ads … and keep 100% of the profits from your own ads and a massive 70% from FB Audience ads
  4. Save HOURS of time and THOUSANDS in developer fees with the simplest interface that exists to publish FB Instant Articles
  5. Instantly CUSTOMIZE your content with interactive features including video, images, slideshows, maps, pull quotes and more
  6. Explode your reach with Instagram and Twitter integrations
  7. Seamlessly configure ANY FB page with the FB Instant Articles API

More features ...


Limited time bonuses

Don't miss the opportunity to get these early-bird bonuses along with your investment on Bolt Publisher.

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Early Bird Bonus #5: WP Tube Monetizer
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Early Bird Bonus #6: WP Tube Maximizer
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Early Bird Bonus #7:
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My Review on Bolt Publisher

A quick look on Bolt Publisher software seems promising. By utilizing Facebook Instant Articles platform to make your articles looks gorgeous will easily boost your reading experience, hence provide a higher authority impression.


With the massive traffic from Facebook as well, your articles will high likely being shared and highlighted in user’s news feed. This will improve your visibility of your website.


Talking about the software, basically it solves the “developer” problem and open the door for a brand new platform. Bolt Publisher enables people like us (blogger, content creator) with lesser technical knowledge to be able to tap into Instant Article. This will definitely change the game, especially in internet marketing business.


What I like:

  • Ease of use, with drag-and-drop editor.
  • No need to publish post to your own website first before post to Facebook. You can publish instantly to FB through the software.
  • Comprehensive video trainings available for you to learn how to link your Facebook page and website authorization check.
  • Software updates regularly with Facebook policy, don’t have to worry on compliance.

What I dislike and can be improved:

  • The pop up menu for editing article is a bit too large in my opinion. Can adapt a slimmer or slicker menu.

Overall, I would rate 4.3 out of 5 score.

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So now, if you would like to purchase Bolt Publisher + receive my exclusive bonuses, kindly follow the steps below.


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STEP#3: Email your purchase receipt to, and we'll get back to you with the link to access the exclusive bonuses.


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