Boomerang Method by Desmond Ong – Review

Ever play boomerang before? That “L” shape throwing tool that usually made from wood, which is designed to spin about an axis perpendicular to the direction of its flight. Okay, this sounds complicated. Basically, when you throw a boomerang, it will fly out and return to the you. 🙂

Well, actually I am here to share you a newly created product by Desmond Ong that is called the Boomerang Method.

  • Product: Boomerang Method
  • Vendor: Desmong Ong (Publised by Chromabit)
  • Launch Date: 26 January 2016 8AM EST
  • Price: FE $4.95 – $9.95 onwards, sales funnel available on DFY templates
  • Official website:

Boomerang Method

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What is Boomerang Method?

Boomerang-MethodBoomerang Method by Desmond Ong is a video course that teaches you how to make money through Facebook marketing. Facebook is the largest social network site which has millions of users. By tapping this large network, you expose yourself with millions of opportunities.

One of the advantage of using this method is you need not drive any traffic, because you are tapping to your “target website” that you can utilize their traffic to help you generate clicks to your affiliate links. In the mean time, your list will grow. Thus this will benefit you in terms of list building.

There are basically only 3 simple steps that you need to take to start up.

  1. Scouting for targeted website and suck traffics
  2. Setup a simple copy and paste code
  3. Watch how the boomerang effect take place when traffic return to your campaign and started buying through your links

The course consists of 7 modules for you to learn how to setup the system.

Boomerang Method Module

Boomerang Method sales funnel comprises of a few upsells. You will be offered “Done For You Boomerang Method System”, “Pre-recorded Webinar series of Project 10K (Boomerang Method)”, “Skype Call with Desmond” and the ultimate “License Holder”.

How Boomerang Method related to you?

If you are already doing Facebook Ads or Facebook marketing, then this method will help you generate even more leads and income. Or even if you just started, this would be a good way to start with minimum capital. You can check out Desmond’s video here to take a look on how he used Boomerang Method to generate affiliate commissions.

Who is Desmond Ong?

Desmond Ong is a speaker, internet marketing consultant, product launch expert, copywriter and online business management expert. Among the products that he launched are “License My Success”, “Project 10K”, “Copy Paste Hack” and “Key to 10K”. He also the author of “Against All Odds”, where he shares his journey to reach financial freedom before the age of 21.

Who is ChromaBit?

ChromaBit (chroma is Greek for colors, and bit is the smallest unit of computer information) is Malaysia’s top online publishing company. This company publishes informational products, software, mobile apps and services for some of the most renowned authors in the world. ChromaBit helps many tech startups and small local businesses to grow by leveraging the power of the internet.

ChromaBit’s goal is to help solve problems in the world through education by using the information researched by their authors. Founded in the summer of 2013, ChromaBit was the brainchild of CEO, and founder, Desmond Ong. A Malaysian who was then living in the United States. Seeing the world of possibilities in the age of information, he flown back to his home country to start a company with the aim of conquering the information world.

ChromaBit is also an award-winning internet marketing company, after generating over 2 million targeted visitors to one of their website within the span of 13 days. Among the products launched through ChromaBit in WarriorPlus platform are “Five Dollar Millionaire”, “Get 200 Daily”, Ket to 10K”,  “Traffic Overload” and much more.


There are 3 bonuses offered by Desmond if you invest in Boomerang Method during the launching period.

Bonus # 1: VIP $171,000 in 2016 Webinar (worth $997)
Bonus # 2: Digital copy of “Against All Odds” (worth $97)
Bonus # 3: Student Group Mastermind (worth $997)

Exclusive Bonus # 4 from me: Clicking Profit System (worth $297)

Boomerang Method comes with 60-days money back guarantee, no question ask. This will be a safe investment.


Recommended for those that actually onto Facebook Ads and want to scale up your earnings. This method will help you in terms of generating laser-targeted leads and increase your chance of getting more sales. Given this method is a pretty simple “copy and paste” method, it is suitable for new-comer as well. Desmond Ong has been in the industry for years and his product is always rocks! With this low price range, I recommend you to try this method to get some extra income. An upsell of DFY package also is a plus, as this will help you kick start your passive income straight away.


Boomerang Method

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Bye, Kenny Phuah

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