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Well, I’m writing this review just for the courtesy of helping to promote the product called Convrrt (should I pronounce it as “Convert”?). The request came in last month, asking me to take a look at the application and write a review about it.


So, I’ve take up the task and just play around with the application and tell you guys what I think about it. To be honest, there’s no affiliate link or whatsoever in this review. Just pure introduction of Convrrt to the world.


  • Product: Convrrt
  • Vendor: Kavin Patel
  • Price Range: $15/month per user
  • Website: Free 14-days Trial

What is Convrrt ?

After hovering around the application a little bit, I realized Convrrt is actually a page builder software + webpage hosting. It’s fairly similar to a product I reviewed previously called iGloo and Convertri. But this simple software is meant to help you to build your webpage fast and easy. You can use Convrrt to build your home page, sales page, landing page, bonus page and others. Even the page load is faster.


This software would be most suitable for web developers, website owners, vendors, affiliate marketers, online business owner, web designers, and whoever that wants to create a website.

A first look at Convrrt

Smart Sites


Convrrt define the hosted pages as “Smart Sites”. You can see from the chart above. You can create multiple smart sites. And each of the smart sites can have multiple pages. So that’s how the hierarchy looks like.


Smart Sites



If you don’t like how the domain name looks like (example:, then you can actually use your own custom domain name and direct it to the Convrrt smart sites. This needs a little bit of technical knowledge to do it. Alternatively, if you don’t want Convrrt to host the webpages for you, you can always export the pages out and host it on your preferred hosting company.

Convrrt Page Builder

page builder 1

page builder 2


The user interface is simple and nice. On the left you’ll see a sidebar where the major menu will be available to select. Not too crowded and it allows larger space for editing instead.  Upon clicking any elements, the editing options will come out on the right which is decent as well. The only thing to comment is the scroll bar on the editing options is not really visible (almost same colour as the menu), so you might not know there’s more options to customize for the element. But this is not really a big problem if you’ve a scroll mouse.


page builder 3


If you want to edit the text, a double-click will trigger the font editing tool and it will appear at the top of the page. Selection of the element can be done with left click and you can move or remove your elements by right click.


page builder 4

page builder 5


There’s a responsive preview as well for you to see how the page looks like on different devices. This is important especially almost 80% of people access internet through mobile devices nowadays. Also there’s a option to edit HTML, CSS or JavaScript as well for those pro-user/developer.


Convrrt page builder goes by building block. Meaning you can only move the elements through a fixed array. The plus side is there’s already done-for-you templates that you can use to design your pages. So you can design the page easily. I personally think it’s enough for building a beautiful webpage with the fixed array builder. But for uniqueness wise, a free-form page builder would be better since you can place elements anywhere you want to by just drag-and-drop.


page builder 6


For SEO purpose, Convrrt page builder also provides you with the option to put in the meta descriptions under setting menu. So you can be sure on-page SEO is taken care of.


The page builder is really user-friendly and within minutes of venturing around, you can become a pro as well.

Convrrt - Forms



Convrrt comes with the form to collect leads from your webpage. You can just integrate this code into the pages and start collect leads and kept in Convrrt database.


Alternatively, you can integrate with Infusionsoft or Zapier so that emails collected can be inserted into your Infusionsoft or Zapier list. I would prefer if we can integrate more autoresponders in future.


Though this needs some coding skill to insert code into your page (if you have other websites that needs to collect leads). Or if your pages is created from Convrrt, you can just select the form ID via the form options when in your page builder.

Convrrt - Email List Validation

email verification


This is a special function in Convrrt where you can actually check your existing email list to detect any fraud or fake emails. This is to prevent the autoresponder provider from banning you and to handle email marketing efficiently. I’ve tried upload a few and not able to get the intended result. Probably still under development. It will provides a great help to marketers if this feature works.

Convrrt - Support

In any software or app that we invested into, we need full support from the service provider in order to help us if we got into any trouble. Convrrt in this case did well also. You'll be able to access their support via the knowledge-based support or ping them through the chat box on the bottom left of the screen.






After assessing and asking some questions through the chat, I can see a great support there and the information provided is essential. Though improvement can still be made after getting more feedback and problems encountered by customers. The Q&A database can be expanded.

Overall Review

The overall experience of using Convrrt is rather pleasant and satisfy. The page builder is working very well and fast in speed. Not only it has the real-time saving for any changes (like in Google drive), it also separates your page editing with published version. That way, you can publish only the intended page after editing done.


Convrrt helps you to host the webpages that you created. So you don’t need to engage another hosting company for the pages you created. I’m not going to list down every single items here it’s better if you try it yourself.


By the way, I got this minor problem on IE not able to load the application at the time of this review. Instead I'm using Google Chrome browser to access Convrrt, which doesn't have any issue. I'll feedback to the developer to correct this.


If you’ve budget, Convrrt will be a great choice as well as a time saving cloud-based page builder software.


You can access Convrrt for 14-days trial here >>

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