Copy And Profit Review

Copy and Profit is a brand new product released by Jani Ghaffor with his student Ted Katz. It’s basically a case study that Ted does when Jani gave him a system. This exact system is the one Ted used to make his $1,418.15 in just 6 days. Of course with some minor guidance, Ted is able to use Copy & Profit system to generate even more commissions.


Simply said, Copy & Profit is done-for-you video training course that will be able to help you generate your first dollar online, without the need for you to spend hours to start off with.


Jani Ghaffor and Ted Katz

Jani Ghaffor and his student Ted Katz are the creator of Copy & Profit. Jani Ghaffor has long been in the internet marketing industry and he has launched various products that converts like crazy in the past, for example Tube Traffic Tornado or Traffic Lockdown. He’s already made around $5M thus far and he’ll continue to do so.

Copy And Profit

Well, Copy and Profit will be giving you the same system that Jani gave to Ted. You’ll get the exact system which help Ted generate his commissions. Together also with the video training courses that helps you understand how the whole system works and how you can just copy the system and make it your own.


The front end offer is the Copy and Profit system itself. You’ll be offered some one-time-offers. My advice is to upgrade to the Copy & Profit Gold in order to get the most out of the system, with additional training videos (for your implementation).


Besides, Copy Paste Traffic is one of the offer as well that will be able to help you multiply your commissions even more using Copy & Profit system. Lastly there’s Income Ultimatum Webinars that you can grab onto, which Jani will revealed his advance method of creating a long-term income stream.


Talking about Copy & Profit System, it’s a pretty simple product and yet it’s highly converting. It’s a sales funnel that passed down from Jani to his student Ted, which he then able to generate around $1,418.15 within just 6 days. And collecting email leads on the process as well.


The sales funnel is already done-for-you. All we need to do is to upload the funnel, connect it to your Paypal account, activate the traffic stream and lastly just make money.


The training videos are also easy for follow even for newbies. And all we’ve to do is take actions. The first video is one of the bonus video that Jani gave which talk about the mindset and how to hardcode yourself to take actions - and make money.


Overall, presentation is good on Copy & Profit. If you’re a newbie, for sure you can utilize the system to make your first dollar online.


My rate is 4.0 out of 5.0 score. A fair buy.

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