Explaindio Video Creator Review

Explaindio Video Creator

Explaindio Video Creator is a software that helps create attention-grabbing and professional-look explainer training videos. You can simply make amazingly professional animated videos, doodle sketch and motion videos in minutes.


Currently Explaindio Video Creator is on version 2.0. This new Explaindio is a result of the collective obsession to simplify its essential functionality to build up the most efficient video creation software possible. It's simpler, yet it's more capable and certainly more powerful.


Multiple interface parts have been re-engineered to a single canvas screen delivering seamless fusion of video creation elements. No matter what style you like "sketch to animation", fully animated moving motion objects, "sketch to video" or green screen all can be done.


So with just a small fee of $57/year you can get yourself peace of mind in creating introduction videos, with 30 days money back guarantee.

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