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Igloo App Review - iGloo by Josh Ratta is a product designed to give entrepreneurs, business owners & online companies a platform to successfully launch products and services on the web. Why pay monthly when you can get iGloo with just one-time payment for life-time access?






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Igloo App Review - What is Igloo ?

iGloo is a launch platform for online businesses. It comes with a social contest system which enables you to generate high viral social buzz before and during your launch, creating a never-ending loop of traffic.

When it comes to launch your product you need JV pages, up-sell pages, landing pages thank you pages, bridge pages and more... iGloo comes with the most advanced and fastest drag & drop page builder on the market. Complete with fully customizable templates for you to use.

Launching an online business has never been easier like this. Check out the demo video to see it live in action. Once you try it yourself, you'll never go back.


How "iGloo" come about?

While Josh Ratta depicted iGloo App as launch platform to create online business, there is a reason why he chosen the name "iGloo". Well, building an online business is like building an igloo. If you don't have a plan of what you need to do in order to build an igloo, you will spend time on things that aren't actually help you in achieving your goal. In the process, wasting your precious time and money. Josh Ratta use "building igloo" as a metaphor to give you a simple idea of how you can utilize iGloo to build your online business. iGloo will help you be successful online faster.


Igloo App Review - Features


  • Igloo App is an incredible product --> Igloo is of highest quality software you will see not just in JVZOO marketplace but entire web.
  • Igloo App comes with super flexible page builder --> Igloo embedded a very powerful page builder that comes with every customization option you can think of in order to build your web pages.
  • No learning curve needed --> Igloo is a front end drag and drop builder which is as simple as dragging and dropping elements and editing.
  • Launch contests feature --> Igloo comes with a viral contests creator to help you generate viral buzz and traffic along with your product launch.
  • Mobile LIVE editing --> This latest update on iGloo enables you to preview and edit in real-time on same page with different settings for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile! <updated>


Igloo App Review - How Can You Benefit From Igloo?

If you are a website creator or owner / product creator, you will definitely need iGloo to help you create you sales page or product launch page in order to get higher conversion for the product that you want to launch. By using iGloo app, you basically save a lot of time, without the need to know about coding / html code / rss knowledge to build a beautiful and engaging product launch page.

With iGloo, you can quickly and easily create:


  • Pre-launch viral social contests
  • Affiliate recruitment pages
  • Landing and sales pages
  • Webinar registration pages
  • Company websites
  • and much more...


All of the above are made simple with iGloo platform. It's simple, efficient and user-friendly! Anyone will know how to use it.

Igloo App Review - Demonstration Video


My Personal Demo Video With iGloo App Review Copy


Igloo App Review - Price Point

  • Igloo-price-1
  • Igloo-price-2
  • Igloo-price-3
  • Igloo-price-4

Alright, let's be frank.

You've seen the demo video, you know how powerful this launch platform is, and you know how easy and useful iGloo App to dear product launcher or website creator. That's where it goes to this price point:


Front-end with 3 price point. Basically Lite version is $47, Standard version is $ 57 and Premium version is $67. The price will be increasing day-by-day throughout the launch until $97 after final launch date (21th June 2016, Tuesday).


First upgrade (upsell 1) which is the Pro version with Pro Features is $97.


2nd upgrade (upsell 2) which is the templates pack with monthly templates starting at $47 + $27 per month.


3rd ugrade (upsell 3) which is a kickstart workshop where Josh will be revealing details on how to setup an online business and behind the scene of how Josh launch a product, price at $47.


Grab iGloo Now!

Igloo App Review - Special Event During Launch

During the launch period of iGloo, from 14th June 2016 until 20th June 2016, there will be several special events that you much be aware and not to miss the session. Also, during the launch period, you can grab iGloo at exclusive promotion price.

  • Pre-launch Video # 1 - Three Key Pillars --> 8th June 2016 (already available, scroll to bottom)
  • Pre-launch Video # 2 - Million Dollar Launch --> (check out the date at later time please...)
  • Pre-launch Video # 2 - Teaser and Webinar Registration --> (14th June 2016, 10AM EST, just before official launch)
  • Launch day! --> 14th June 2016, 11AM EST
  • Early bird discount! --> First 3 hours after launch will get 5% $5 off with the coupon code: eskimo5

Get ready for the launch please!


Igloo App Review - Bonus

Bonus # 1 --- iGloo Affiliate Bonus Page Template --> you can promote iGloo directly!
Bonus # 2 --- iGloo Essential Launch Checklist --> you will not miss anything with this!
Bonus # 3 --- 200 Royalty Free Background Images --> beautiful backgrounds await you!
Exclusive Bonus --- Check out my exclusive bonus page worth $364

Yes, I know other's bonuses offer are more attractive in terms of $ value, but, seriously do you really need to fill your harddisk with all the PLRs in which you have no time to read it? Well, what I offer exclusively to you was to help you be more successful in online business. Make your move right now!

Grab iGloo Now!


Igloo App Review - The Verdict

I personally created a product before, and it was launchednot long ago. The process of creating the sales funnels is really taking alot of my precious time. I'm like "I want to do this the conventional way and learn how to code or html or ..." or whatsoever... Dam! I was wasting my time man... Apart from that, thinking about the coding or searching around YouTube and Google and spent hours of time trying to figure out how to layout my sales page is really a pain on my AxS. That time, I was wondering if there is an easier way...

And there goes iGloo App which will be able to save my days. Sadly it was not launch before I created my product. If you haven't watch the demo video, try check out above. You will be able to experience how easy and simple it is to create sales page or landing page using iGloo App or platform. The little money you invest will be compensated by the time you saved, which you can spend it on doing other items per the launch checklist, or simply spend more time with your family!

In my opinion, I recommend a good buy.


Grab iGloo Now!


Important Messages from the FREE videos provided by Josh Ratta.

Note # 1 --- Three Pillars for any online business to succeed and make sales. This 3 pillars will help you to have a clear plan on what you need to focus your time and money in.


  • Key Pillar # 1 --> Product / service
    • You need something that you can sell / promote as an affiliate.
  • Key Pillar # 2 --> Website Traffic
    • No matter how good your product, if nobody visit the shop / website, you won't make any sales.
  • Key Pillar # 3 --> Conversions
    • You may have good product and frequent visitors, but if your sales page out of date / sales letter not compelling, it will not encourage conversion, thus your business won't grow.


Note # 2 --- Free In-depth guide on building a business online with Three Pillars. Just opt-in to Josh's opt-in form below the free video.


Grab iGloo Now!


Example of landing page created by using iGloo

I really tested it out my self. Check out this amazing landing page.

And also bonus pages here.

Get Instant Access Today
Try It For Just 10 Minutes - Don't LOVE it? We'll Give You A FULL Refund!

Go ahead, and choose your preferred option —even if you have another funnel builder you’re using right now, you owe it to yourself to test this!

You’ll make a single payment and get lifetime access to our complete drag and drop funnel builder and viral traffic generation machine.  

Practically on autopilot, you’ll rake in more profit in your next launch or promotion, than you ever thought was possible. 

30 days money back guarantee

No other funnel or page builder comes close to the ease of use, versatility, and conversion capability
of iGloo—we guarantee it!

From the time you get instant access to iGloo, you have 30 days to test our templates, traffic generator,
page builder, funnel set up, and more.  

If you’re not satisfied with iGloo for any reason, just let Josh's team know and you’ll get 100% of your money back!
So, if you’re ready, you can finally…

Q & A

Q: Can I have an example of pages built with iGloo?

A: You bet! Click here to check out iGloo sales page. All the incredible animations, page layout and design was completely made inside of the same iGloo software you're getting access to today!


Q: Who control my content built with iGloo?

A: You own full rights over every page or contest you create. As you can fully host your pages on WordPress or export to HTML, you never need worry about the reliability of your hosting. Q: How flexible & fast is the page-builder?A: Josh's team have tested iGloo against some of the other leading page builders on the market, and have not come across another faster editor or page builder with as many customisation options included inside of iGloo. That said, you will be the judge, get access today and see if it is really as good as everyone says. We believe you'll love it, but if not you are covered by our risk free 30 day money back guarantee! Q: What is Josh's support desk?A: If you would like to get in touch with one of Josh's friednly support staff, simply submit a ticket to Josh's support desk at inmotiontech.kayako.com Q: What is your refund policy?A: After purchasing iGloo today, you have a full 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you don't absolutely love iGloo we'll send you 100% of your money back no questions asked, just a thanks for giving it a shot. Q: How many pages can I build with iGloo?A: You have access to create an unlimited amount of web pages & social contests without any restrictions! No need to worry about ever needing to pay another cent to use our incredible platform in your marketing!


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