Keyword Supremacy Review

How do you do keyword research for your affiliate marketing campaign?

Are you spending more hours than you need just to do keyword research?

What if I tell you there is a better way of doing keyword research?


Let me introduce to you “Keyword Supremacy”.


  • Product: Keyword Supremacy
  • Vendor: Herc Magnus and Todd Spears
  • Launch date: 13th October 2016
  • Price Range: FE $197 / $97 / $47
  • Website: Click here to go to sales page

What is Keyword Supremacy ?

Keyword Supremacy is a brand new keyword research tool that’s made to solve your biggest problem on keyword research. This tool allows us to perform keyword research in a much faster way and also help in identifying lucrative keywords. Not only you can research for global keywords, you can also do a localized keyword research easily.


Todd Spears & Herc Magnus


Keyword Supremacy is introduced by Herc Magnus and Todd Spears. Both of them are consider “SEO experts”, and they’re really looking forward to this amazing tool for years. This is because they know the correct keywords play an important role towards Search Engine Optimization (SEO). And they know how to rank their websites using purely keywords targeting.

Why I need to do keyword research ?

Keyword research is very important for anyone that wants to find something in any search engines available. It’s basically knowing what to put into the search bar on the search engine. For an web surfer point of view, I will need to know what to type into the search bar to look for the information that I need.


If you’re an affiliate or vendor, then keyword research will not be something that is alien to you. This is because having the right keywords help you to avoid losing money on Google Ads or Facebook Ads as you can get higher click through rate and conversion.


If you’re a online business owner, then keyword research is still relevant to you. Because to get generic traffic to visit your website or to rank your website to 1st page to search engine result page (SERP), you’ll need to correct keywords to help search engine determine the relevancy of the search to your website.


Another reason to do keyword research is to help your on-page SEO for your website. This will help your website ranking and also help get laser-targeted leads.

How I can utilize Keyword Supremacy to help me make money ?

As mentioned on the importance of keyword research, then here comes the solution.


First you need to understand why Todd and Herc create this keyword research tool unlike others. They’ve been in SEO industry for long and they’ve tried all types of keyword research tools in the market. They’re looking for some software that can help them find keywords that get high amount of traffic from global/local generic search, so that they can target it on their website.


Once they found the “correct” keywords, they’ll do some backlinks based on the keywords. So after their website reached certain ranking, they’ll start furnish the website with Adsense and affiliate offers. Due to the keywords are having high generic traffic in the first place, you can be sure your website will have loads of traffic as well. From there, just wait and make money only.


You can view the video below where Herc and Todd show you how they made tons of money from doing correct keyword research.


YouTube videos below:

How is Keyword Supremacy different compared to other keyword research tool ?

Unlike other keyword research tool, Keyword Supremacy keyword research tool is strive to be different with below winning features.


No Monthly Subscription

A BIG NO! Yes, Keyword Supremacy software don’t have a monthly subscription. It goes by a unique credit metrics, where you’ll be using the credits to “buy” your keyword search. The credits will never expire, you can keep it forever! All you have to do is buy more credits if you depleted your credit balance.


Local Keyword Research

You can’t find any keyword research tool out there that’s able to help you do local keyword research. It can help in finding targeted local SEO keywords. Moreover, you get to compare search metrics side-by-side on 1000 cities and towns across your area!


Affiliate Keyword Research

There are 4 ways you can utilize the search, by putting a wildcard “%”. This amazing software allows you to get suggestions “before your root keywords”, “after your root keywords”, “between your root keywords” and “beside your root keywords”. Also, you get your scrape results in alphabetical order to ease on your eye. Now you no longer have to target only keywords that’s “relevant at this point of time”, you can just target the other gold mine of keywords!


Fast Filter

Keyword Supremacy software has the fastest filter ever. You’ll be able to use this filter on your metrics for keywords list to help you find the real gold mine.


And much more… Find it out here...

Keyword Supremacy Sales Funnel

Keyword Supremacy Box


Front End: Keyword Supremacy

keyword supremacy price


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One-Time-Offer 2: Get access to Local Rank & Rank Training at $97

Keyword Supremacy Review and Verdict

Keyword Supremacy software is yet another milestone for SEO and affiliate marketers. This superb keyword research tool is made by SEO, for SEO. Todd and Herc used their expertise and showed the world how to do a correct keyword research to siphon ranking and money from the web.


It’s relevant to have this keyword research software because the current tools out there are not able to do local keyword research. And most importantly it helps to save time on doing research. If we’re using the “free” way, it will take hours to do it. Keyword Supremacy just need 10 minutes.


Looking at the cloud-based keyword research tool, the product is well-developed. The interface is easy to use, and they have a very fast filter to help you quickly identify the gold mine keywords. Though the scrape activity might take a little bit longer (around 2 minutes) due to the large database from the source (Google).


Apart from the keyword research software, we have to give some attention to the training given as well. There’s video training guide on how to use the software to help you get started easily. Most importantly, you get to automatically signed up for the free live webinar that show cast how Todd and Herc make money from doing keyword research correctly with Keyword Supremacy. This indeed is priceless.


Overall, I think Keyword Supremacy is worth the investment due to the fact that keyword research is very important in starting any money making campaign.


I’ll rate 4.8 over 5.0 score for Keyword Supremacy.

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