Mobile Optin 2.0 Review

What is Mobile Optin 2.0 ?

Mobile Optin 2.0 is a email marketing software that helps you improve your opt-in rate by tapping to the most valuable mobile traffic and simplify your work needed to be done doing email marketing. This is not the usual autoresponder software that you see out there. Mobile Optin 2.0 is a revolutionary software developed to help business owners to get quality leads, and also simplify the creation of squeeze pages.


If you don’t understand the whole email marketing business, even if you’ve the most advance software in the world like Mobile Optin 2.0, you’ll not be successful. Thus, the advice is to download the free book and also attend the free live training workshop to learn how you can utilize Mobile Optin 2.0 in your email marketing business.


Creator of Mobile Optin 2.0

Anthony MorrisonAnthony Morrison - is responsible for some of the largest Internet Marketing campaigns in the last 10 years. He ran an infomercial nationwide for 3 years promoting his books “Advertising Profits From Home” and “The Hidden Millionaire” resulting in over $1,000,000 sales.


Anthony’s company has been doing live events and workshops all over the US for the last 8 years attended by over 250,000 people in 48 different states. He loves training and educating people on how to use the Internet and the opportunity it presents to live a better life.


Anthony’s launches have regularly generated some of the highest EPC’s in the industry while maintaining integrity and compliance. Having launched many offers Mobile Optin is focused strictly on email marketing, which has been a major focus for Anthony and his business the last 3 years.


Mobile Optin 2.0 Features

You’ll get the access to all of the below once you’ve purchased Mobile Optin 2.0.

  • All the trainings regarding email marketing and Mobile Optin 2.0 software itself
  • Mobile landing page builder
  • Two steps “click” and “send” opt-in system, simple and easy
  • A system to get 50% open rate and 25% click through rate
  • Almost 300+ high conversion templates readily available for use right away for any niche
  • Email generator - automatically
  • Wide range of integration to major autoresponders
  • Tap into multiple traffic sources, like Facebook or Google
  • Support team readily to respond to you in just minutes
  • Reporting and split testing availability
  • No hosting or monthly fee, just a one-time payment to use for life

Benefits of using Mobile Optin 2.0

  • You’ll be able to tap into the largest traffic source today which is from mobile devices
  • Improve opt-in rate due to the fact it’s too simple to opt-in by just clicking button twice
  • Get lead’s genuine email right into your autoresponder list
  • Build email list fast
  • Save time to create squeeze pages that looks nice on mobile devices

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Mobile Optin 2.0 Bonuses

If you’re interested in Mobile Optin 2.0, we want you to get the most out of your investment. So there are three exclusive bonuses to help you excel even better.

Anthony Morrison

Bonus # 1: Weekly Training Success Connection Webinars (worth $9,997)

You’ll be given access to Anthony’s closed door weekly Success Connection webinars that Anthony do with his top students. These take place EVERY week. Imagine how much training you’ll end up getting from him and his extremely successful guest trainers. This is your chance to gain access to him personally every single week!

Adrian Morrison

Bonus # 2: Two Coaching Sessions With FB Guru Adrian Morrison (worth $4,995)

Adrian Morrison, Anthony’s brother, is nothing short of what we consider a Facebook Ads ninja. He’s been doing incredible things on Facebook for years. He was recently invited to Facebook HQ and even signed their famous “marketers wall of fame”. He’s agreed to give you 2 coaching sessions on how to drive massive mobile traffic with Facebook Ads when you enroll today.

Fred Lam

Bonus # 3: Two Coaching Sessions With Google Guru Fred Lam (worth $4,995)

Fred is known as ”the guy“ when it comes to Google advertising. He’s doing incredible things (and making a ton of money at the same time) and he’s agreed to show you how it’s done. You need traffic right? Fred’s going to give you 2 coaching sessions to show you exactly how to drive massive mobile traffic from Google to build your list using our software!

Total value of $24,982 including Unlimited Mobile Optin Access with just $1,997.

Mobile Optin 2.0 Review and Verdict

Mobile Optin 2.0 is a relaunch after a successful launch back in January 2016 this year. The approach of the launch is somewhat different compared to the conventional launch that we see. Mobile Optin 2.0 launch period is aimed to provide values to the audience by giving away a free copy of “Your Email Profit” ebook, followed by a free video training. Apart from that, Anthony will be demonstrating to you how you can setup your email marketing business easily with Mobile Optin 2.0 software.


For me, this is the second time I see this kind of launch campaign. This is very very similar to Inbox Blueprint 2.0 by Anik Singal. Well, if you look carefully, they’re friends! And Anik did appear in Anthony’s testimonial area. So you can be sure this product will definitely of high quality.


Mobile Optin 2.0 software is aimed to help fellow marketers or business owners to have a better chance of getting genuine leads from mobile devices. Mobile devices usage has increased exponentially throughout the years, and now becoming the highest traffic source. So in order to get more leads nowadays, we cannot depends on desktop or laptop users alone. Going into mobile would be a wise choice.


So what I like about Mobile Optin 2.0 software is that it allows user to just click twice to opt-in. This saves a lot of hustle of typing using the mobile devices. And also it will prevent the targeted audience to make typo mistake on the email as well. The software simply just grab the preferred email address from audience’s phone and capture it directly into autoresponder.


Also, there’s a series of step-by-step video training course incorporated in Mobile Optin 2.0 package which allows you to learn how to start an email marketing business. It’s very concise and all you have to do is implement the strategy. Not only you get to learn from getting leads from Facebook, you’ll get to tap from Google as well for Android users.


The software itself only solved the opt-in portion. In the end, it will still depend on the sales copy for conversion. You still need to drive traffic to the mobile squeeze page in order to capture leads, just the signup rate might be higher. But still lays down to the hook if you’re able to attract audience to even click continue on the squeeze page. High converting templates help, but still depends on your copywriting.


Overall, Mobile Optin 2.0 review and we can conclude that it’s a comprehensive software which help us to improve on lead captures.


I’ll rate 4.7 over 5.0 score for Mobile Optin 2.0.


If you really think Mobile Optin 2.0 is great, join us to promote the product as well.

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