MoonPixlar Review and Bonus

MoonPixlar Review and Bonus

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MoonPixlar by Josh Ratta is a quick and easy marketing graphics app with drag & drop user interface (UI) to help create graphics for marketing, featuring enormous library of ready made templates.

My name is Kenny Phuah, and I am here to provide you with a sneak peak of what MoonPixlar is and what this application can do for you.  Do check out my offer later after the review.

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Product: MoonPixlar

Vendor: Josh Ratta

Price Tag: $27 – $37

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MoonPixlar as mentioned earlier, is a marketing graphics application.


This application is like a light-weight photoshop machine that can help you customize beautiful graphics and you can use it on your website pages, forums, Facebook, fanpages, Pinterest, blogs, banners, business card, flyers, email headers, twitter posts, etc.


Basically, MoonPixlar can be used for any purposes as long as the platform can save images. 🙂

Screenshot of what you can do with MoonPixlar.

As you can see, you can easily customize any picture with readily made templates.

   MoonPixlar-working MoonPixlar-working1 MoonPixlar-working2 MoonPixlar-working3 MoonPixlar-working4 MoonPixlar-working5


Imagine if you are creating a fan page in Facebook. Certainly you would like your followers to have good impression on your Facebook fan page. Not only you need to impress them with beautiful and professional look fan page cover, from time-to-time you will need to post some customize pictures to update them with event dates or some promotions.




All these can be done by using MoonPixlar software. It is just a piece of cake.

With high impact graphics, you can easily capture customer’s attention. This will help you to take your branding to the next level.


The flexibility to customize any graphics allow you to use MoonPixlar for any kind of usages or purposes. You can create a banner or billboard advertisement just by using this application alone. This is especially suitable for growing businesses where you are counting every dollar that you want to spend.


Is it as easy as you said? True enough. With over 1,200 templates readily available as a start, you just need to select the relevant templates (depends on your niches), add text, customize position and size, then followed by a click of a button: there you have your beautiful, unique, perfect Facebook fanpage cover, banner, or flyers.


This easy and quick tool will help you save hundreds of dollars on outsourcers and save you time on hassle trying to get familiar with Photoshop design.


MoonPixlar is designed to be as simple as possible. If you know how to use a mouse to drag-and-drop, you will sure be able to master the tool in no time.


If you are a designer and wanted to generate some cash by making yourself as an freelance outsourcer, why not invest in this lower-cost MoonPixlar application. You can easily earn money with this time-saving simple software.

Here are some of the application using MoonPixlar:

  • Facebook posts
  • Facebook page cover
  • Banners ( go create your own banner for advertising )
  • Logos
  • Infographics
  • Blog post graphics
  • Flyers
  • Ad images ( you will like this if you do Adwords )
  • Email header graphics ( especially good for email marketers )
  • Website headers
  • Pinterest pins
  • Custom graphics
  • Name cards
  • Google posts
  • And much more!

Check out MoonPixlar Demo Video

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MoonPixlar Bonus Offer – Priceless

Well, everyone loves bonuses, who not? By investing in MoonPixlar, can will be able to get this bonus automatically during the launch period. These bonuses will be directly available in your member’s area.

Bonus # 1: Access of 500 PREMIUM Background Images



Bonus # 2: Pinterest Perfection – strategy to generate traffics


Bonus # 3: 27 Eye Catching Facebook Ad Images – help you attract “Likes” or “customers”



One last thing:

You can to test out MoonPixlar risk free for a full 30 days. If you are not 100% happy with it, just contact Josh Ratta via email support and they will  give you a full refund without any question ask.


I know this because I heard from a number of people (through Warrior Forum) how they had decided to ask for refunds for all kind of reasons.


So even though it’s much less likely that you’ll be unhappy with MoonPixlar, I felt it was worth mentioning that Josh Ratta have proven to be true to their word as far as his guarantee is concerned.


So you can buy without fear of losing your money in case you change your mind about this simple than Photoshop thingy, or you just plain don’t like the software for whatever reason.


So there you have it, my review of MoonPixlar.

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Last note to REMEMBER –>

MoonPixlar by Josh Ratta
Launching on
27th October 2015 Tuesday 11:00 EST
This launch will be a 4 days launch promo ending on Friday 30th October Midnight

Book the date and get ready to create tons of pretty graphics with just a few clicks!

See you again in next post.

Regards, Kenny Phuah

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