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Introducing “Run A Webinar” by Sam Bakker that will be launched on 14-Mar-2016 11AM EST. Read more about the new software that can help you hold fast, effective and stable webinars. This is the first webinar software that doesn’t use Google Hangouts! Check out this amazing software and available bonuses.

Run A Webinar

  • Product: RUN A WEBINAR
  • Vendor: Sam Bakker & Rohit Shah
  • Launch date: 14th March 2016 11AM EST
  • Price: $37
  • Official website:

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What is Run A Webinar?

Run A Webinar – is the first webinar software that doesn’t use Google Hangouts. You and your customers can run webinars that are backed by Amazon’s servers through Firefox. They are fast, effective and stable. In simple terms, this software help you to hold webinars with around the world audience. If you ever try out GoToWebinar by Citrix, then you know what is Run A Webinar.

You can use webinars to make money. How? By holding useful webinars, you can provide your viewers with useful information to all around the world, and then slot in some irresistible offers… Tadaa…. you get sales….

Demonstration Video

Great Features

You will get the below nice features to help you host a webinar. Most importantly, we want our audience to experience professionalism in our presentation. Thus user-experience is utmost important. Hosted by Amazon, Run A Webinar will be much more stable. Another feature to look at, is the ability to view webinar through mobile devices. This will highly encourage more audience to attend your webinar. Higher exposure, thus higher chance to convert viewers into customers. Not to forget, you can record the webinar session, and sell or share it back later for more conversion.

Great features

Why you should choose Run A Webinar?

Simple. It is the price factor and also the extra features offered by Run A Webinar. The extra features can help you and your client to get higher engagement and conversion. You and your client will love it.

price and feature comparison

Early bird Bonuses

The bonuses offered are readily available in your members area if you purchased “Run A Webinar”. If you are not getting the bonuses, kindly email through with your receipt and Sam Bakker will get the bonuses to you right away.

Bonus # 1 : Webinar Conversion Formula – the exclusive Sam Bakker’s own effective webinar guide (for you FREE)

Bonus # 2 : WP Email Countdown Plugin – insert scarcity to your emails and get your leads to bid! (for you FREE)

Bonus # 3 : WP eZ Lead – amazingly flexible squeeze page or lead page creation tool that fit anywhere and converts! (for you FREE)

Bonus # 4 : CTA Revealr Plugin – create unlimited call-to-action shortcode buttons in WordPress (for you FREE)

Bonus # 5 : Graphics Blackbox – 267 brand new and original graphics for you websites (for you FREE)


Special OTO Bonuses

Bonus # 6 : WP Notification Plus – create your own attention-grabbing notification box in less than 3 minutes (for you FREE)

Bonus # 7 : Smart Agent Software – use this as your automated sales assistance, and provide 24/7 support for all your websites (for you FREE)


Product offers

  1. FE – Run A Webinar software (free early bird bonuses)
  2. OTO1 – Run A Webinar PRO (free special OTO bonuses)
  3. OTO2 – Run A Webinar White Label (free special OTO bonuses)
  4. OTO3 – Training (free special OTO bonuses)


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Run A Webinar Logo


Good buy, cheap and similar to GoToWebinar. Maximize your profit while giving you the same professionalism that you need to impress your audience or clients. It also helps to improve engagement and conversion through the added features plus webinar trainings. You can actually set to record the webinar when you create the webinar, this will automatically record your webinar and you will not forget to click the record button during the webinar.

Overall, this is kinda awesome software to help you manage and hold webinars.


Q & A

  1. Can the attendees use any browser to view the webinar? –> Yes!
  2. Can we start the presentation in any other browser other than Firefox? –> Yes, but Firefox is recommended if you are doing screen-sharing
  3. Is Run A Webinar compatible with my PC/Laptop? –> Definitely. Run A Webinar works on both Windows and Mac platforms


30-days money back guarantee is applicable. If you think you don’t like Run A Webinar any sooner, just contact Sam Bakker and he will refund you with no question ask. Is completely risk-free, try it out now!


>> Get Run A Webinar Here <<<


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