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Smart Ads Builder

If you notice nowadays, Facebook Ads has been playing a big role in helping online business grow exponentially. Not only you can utilize Facebook Ads to generate laser-targeted traffic to your website, it also helps in siphon lots of sales.


Having said that, a winning Facebook Ads campaign will certainly enhance your results.


I’ve tried to create a few Facebook Ads myself, and I sometimes find it difficult to create a winning campaign. Are you feeling the same way?


Honestly, you need to do a lot more homework before you publish your Facebook Ads.


You will have to create an image or video, think of a compelling headline, customize your audience, etc. Those are the elements that will determine whether your campaign will be successful.


Moreover, the money and time that you’ve spent might just jeopardize your other campaigns. Or simply just reflect that you are not professional.


We want a solution that can help us to create Facebook Ads fast. Also, we want the ads that we create every time will be a winning one. And we don’t want to waste so much time tweaking our ads because it’s not working. And we want to make sure we targeted the correct audience every time without wasting money. And we don’t want to spend time looking for images or create videos just for the ads.


Let’s take a look at Smart Ads Builder.

Jai Sharma

Smart Ads Builder is a brand new software that allows you to create profitable ads that able to siphon enormous income from your Facebook campaigns. It is the most powerful, easiest to use, and smartest ads builder software available.


Using Smart Ads Builder is as easy as 1-2-3. All you have to do is pick and edit from the huge library of ready-made templates. Then fetch targeted audience by searching for the correct keywords from interest generator. Lastly, just launch your campaign. Very easy.


  1. Save time and frustration - stop wasting time going back and forth to edit your ads multiple times to find the best results
  2. Stop your struggle in ads - no need to learn from various courses on how to run a profitable ads
  3. Save money on design cost - just need to work on proven high converting templates from any niche and get high ROI without having to spend much on design cost
  1. Advance in-built image editor - edit image made easy with unlimited royalty-free images to choose from
  2. Real time text rating - stay compliance with Facebook Ads policy to reach maximum engagement
  3. Advance audience interests picker - find your laser-targeted audience easily
  4. Audience spying - grab an insight on your competitor’s audience
  5. One-click to Facebook fan page - publish ads in fan page instantly with one click
  6. Campaign data download -  you get to download the entire ads campaign data to your system for future use

FE: Smart Ads Builder

  • Smart Ads Builder membership
  • Video Training
  • 24/7 support
  • 1000 free templates
  • Advance in-built image editor
  • Targeted audience picker


OTO1: Smart Ads Builder Pro Upgrade

  • Access to over 1000+ hand-picked top performing FB ad copy templates in various niches
  • Constant monthly addition of 500+ top performing ad copy headline or post text templates in various niches to our database so users can easily pick a winning ad copy template and deploy
  • Access to Facebook VIP mastermind coaching group to get personal support on FB ad campaigns and also to request for top performing ad copy templates
  • Pro users gets registered for template club to request for custom templates and gain access to custom made premium ad image templates designed by professionals, club members will keep getting extra premium ad image templates monthly for life with each Template given exclusive copyrights for template club members to leverage best out of these designs monthly


OTO2: Smart Ads Spy Tool

  • Access to a FB AD spy tool for spying on over 200,000 competitors top performing FB AD for your customers to steal copy and build with Smart Ads Builder.


OTO3: Developer License

  • Users get Developer license for clients
  • Create accounts for your clients & Charge them fat price on monthly or one time fee
  • Easy 4 figure per week in few bucks investment


Bonus#1: Facebook Live Authority (worth $97) - Discover The Simple, Step-By-Step Method To Make Thousands Of Dollars Per Month, Or More, With Affiliate Marketing…


Bonus#2: Turbo List Builder Pro (worth $99) - Instantly Create Your List Building Pages In Just A Few Clicks! YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN A BUILDER LIKE THIS ONE…Create Effective, Responsive Optin Pages with Turbo List Builder!"


Bonus#3: Lead Generation Mastery (worth $197) - Discover The Step-By-Step System To Create Massive Leads From Scratch, And Start Generating Insane Profits...


Bonus#4: Sales Lead System (worth $99) - Discover The Secrets To Getting More Leads!


Bonus#5: Exit List Pro (worth $67) - Easily Add Powerful Exit Popups To Your Web Pages and Capture Leads!


Bonus#6: Affiliate Marketing Excellence (worth $99) - Discover The Simple, Step-By-Step Method To Make Thousands Of Dollars Per Month, Or More, With Affiliate Marketing…


Bonus#7: Free Traffic System (worth $97) - Discover how to effectively drive MASSIVE FREE TRAFFIC to your site… Starting Today!


Bonus#8: Turbo Instant Membership Builder Pro (worth $99) - Protect Your Digital Properties & Manage Members In Just A Few Clicks! Membership Builder & User Management Software Stops Your Password-Trading Thieves Dead in Their Tracks!


Bonus#9: FBA Profit Mastery (worth $97) - Finally, Learn How To Be Successful With Amazon FBA… Starting Today!


Bonus#10: Web Profit Doubler (worth $67) - Builds Your List & Makes A Second Chance Offer!


Great total of $1,018 worth of bonuses. You’ll be able to access it in the member’s area.

With so many competition out there in the market, we hope we can have some amazing tools that help us in driving traffic and sales. Also, the ever growing ecommerce market has challenged business owner to be more efficient. Thus, ads builder software will definitely win our heart.


The combination of Shopify + Facebook Ads has gone too far and helped thousands to profit from the ecommerce space. So the success of a campaign is solely depends on the ads if it can drive correct traffic and target the correct audience. With Smart Ads Builder, I can see these are just peanuts.


Smart Ads Builder not only solve the hassle of creating Facebook Ads, it also save you time and money to maximize your ROI in shortest time possible. We don’t have to guess anymore, and just utilize the software to help us pick the correct audience. And editing is not a problem with the advance in-built image editor. And all ads will be checked to comply with Facebook Ads Policy.


In my opinion, I would give 4.6 out of 5 score for Smart Ads Builder. Recommend a buy.

Q: If I don’t like Smart Ads Builder, can I have refund?

A: Smart Ads Builder purchase is secured with a 30-days money back guarantee on technical issues that the team unable to solve. Other than that, all sales are final. If refund is needed, kindly provide a valid reason.


Q: Is Smart Ads Builder usable in Mac or Windows?

A: Smarts Ads Builder is developed to work on both Mac and Windows platforms. It’s fully compatible.


Q: Can I access Smart Ads Builder anywhere?

A: Yes, as long as you have the internet connection. Smart Ads Builder is cloud-based software.


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