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Text Deliver is a text messaging software built for internet marketers. If you think email address is the only way you capture leads, think again.


With Text Deliver, you can capture leads through mobile numbers and reach them through SMS. Statistically showed SMS has higher open rate than conventional email!




Not only the open rate that we have to consider, try look at the Fact#4. The time that's needed for your leads to respond is fastest ever! That's a whooping 3 minutes compared to 384 minutes.

Text Deliver is a software that provides you with the platform to collect mobile number from your leads. And then you can send follow up SMS to your leads like a normal autoresponder. There is no limit to number of subscribers, and there is no limit to marketing campaigns.


Features like add/import new subscribers, subscriber list management, keyword creation & management, automated message sequences, one click broadcast to selected/all subscribers and automatic time zone detection & release are all in one simple dashboard.


Cloud-based, and you can just trigger your campaign anytime anywhere. And fully integration with existing famous autoresponders.


With just $37/month or $197/year you can start to see improvement on conversion rate from your leads. 30 days money back guarantee applied.

Mark Thompson and Cindy Donovan. Both of them is very experience in doing product launches and had handled a lot of big launches. Among them are DigitalKickstart, Viral Loop, etc. Combined together, they’re sure to give a lot of values to customers in the market and certainly will help other marketers to excel in their business.


Here’s the feature list of Text Deliver

  1. SMS integration - Integrate Seamlessly with Twilio, CallRail, CallFire, Plivo, Weemo, Tatango, Trumpia, Wiggio.
  2. Email integration - Integration Seamlessly with Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, Infusionsoft, Constant Contact, iContact, ActiveCampaign, Ontraport, Interspire, SendReach
  3. Analytics - Gather performance data and analytics from all of your campaigns, including opens, clicks, and click-through rates.
  4. Broadcast and sequence - Send out one-off broadcasts or automated SMS sequences that will be sent to your contacts based on the day/times you specify.
  5. Embed anywhere - Simply copy the embed code into any 3rd party template builder/creator to capture new leads directly into Text Delivery.
  6. Keywords capture - Collect new leads by having them text a word to a short-code.
Text Deliver Feature

Apart from having the great software Text Deliver itself, together you’ll receive these fast action bonuses to help you grow your businesses or online businesses to the next level with Text Deliver. Here’s what you’ll get as well if you act today.

Text Deliver Bonus 1

Bonus #1: 100 SMS Marketing Campaigns Exposed

Inside is a road map for uncovering the SMS marketing secrets of 100 of the biggest and most profitable companies in the World, grouped into 11 categories. Browse this report and uncover the numbers that unlock the SMS marketing strategies helping world-class businesses generate sales, raise consumer engagement, and better serve their customers.

Text Deliver Bonus 2

Bonus #2: The Anatomy of the Perfect SMS Keyword

This 19-page report walks you through step-by-step how to create a killer keyword campaign that will help you to find the perfect SMS opt-in keyword for your marketing campaign.

Text Deliver Bonus 3

Bonus #3: SMS Marketing Jumpstart

This guide will provide a precise and informative overview of the SMS marketing industry and the best practices for running and managing SMS marketing campaigns.

Text Deliver Bonus 4

Bonus #4: QR Offline Marketing

This software is the perfect all-in-one service for creating embedded QR codes and QA advertisements on the fly.

Text Deliver Bonus 5

Bonus #5: Point-of-Sale Editable Posters

Use these editable posters to promote a short-code SMS campaign you have running, where you tell your customers to text a word to that short-code to subscribe, win cool stuff or be entered into a contest.

A lot of people are already tired of opening their emails to check on offers. And too much emails will be treated as spam instead. This will deeply hurt the open rate of your marketing emails and hence causing lower sales in return.


This is not what we’re enjoying.


So with Text Deliver, it provides another new platform for marketers or business owners to do their marketing campaign. Based on the statistics provided earlier, the open rate for SMS is actually way much higher than emails! This already proved to have a higher chance of getting sales than the conventional email marketing.


Talking about the software itself, handling everything in one dashboard like email inbox is marvellous. You can track each of the campaign easily and know the outcome in a glance. Plus, Text Deliver is actually cloud-based which enables you to set it up anytime and anywhere as long as you are connected.


Another great thing about Text Deliver platform is it’s 100% TPCA and CTIA compliant. This already will guarantee your business will not be treated as SPAM and will be safe from complains.


Would you want to get 98% open rate using SMS? Yes of course.


Overall, by looking at the professionalism and usefulness of Text Deliver, my review will give it a 4.7 score out of 5.0.

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