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UpViral Review – Watch my video review before purchase. This is the ultimate viral marketing tool that helps generate massive leads per campaign. Easy to use, integrate with most autoresponder, mobile-friendly, work on any OS, and it just went viral!

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  • Product: UpViral
  • Vendor: Wilco de Kreij
  • Launch date: 7th April 2016
  • Price point: FE $47/month or $$297/year
  • Official website: http://www.upviral.com


UpViral Review video

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UpViral is another great quality product by Wilco de Kreij since the launched of ConnectLeads last year. If you noticed, he did use this method during ConnectLeads launch and it helped him generate massive leads. Not only he showed you how the tool works, it helps you make a campaign go viral with ease, and collecting leads in the mean time. The tool is mobile-friendly, which is a star point, since most of the people now browse internet through their mobile phone. I would recommend UpViral for any online businesses that want to run a viral campaign that can helps generate massive buzz and engagement.



  1. Can I use UpViral to run contest?
    • Yes, you can! Using UpViral you can easily run powerful (and viral) contests in which you decide how users can win. For example, you can let them earn extra entries in the contest by getting their friends to sign up. UpViral is fully optimized to handle every aspect of your contest – so if that’s what you’re looking for.. Look no further.
  2. Can I use UpViral to run a viral giveaways?
    • Yes, you can! Using UpViral you can easily run viral giveaways in which you’re giving your audience an incentive to share with their friends. For example, you could upload a file, add a secured link or enter a coupon – and make that available to those who get at least 5 (or 10, or 13, or, …) of their friends to sign up.
  3. Can I integrate UpViral into my own tool?
    • UpViral can be integrated into almost every tool, as long as that tool has a place where your audience enters their email address. So for example, if you have an lead-page or opt-in box in your sidebar, you could plug UpViral right into that in just a few minutes, adding a viral layer on top of your site. And in the rare case that it’s not working, we’ll do whatever we can do make it work for you – because we want to make UpViral compatible with as many tools as possible!
  4. Can I use my own domain for the referral links?
    • Yes, you can! You can add any of your own domains, which we’ll then use for the referral links and your campaign pages. We’ll still host it for you, of course!
  5. What if I have any feature requests?
    • In that case, please send them over! In the members area you’ll find a section designed for exactly that – so we can gather all our customers’ ideas in order to keep making UpViral better and better.
  6. Can UpViral be translated in other language?
    • Yes! We’ve made it so that every aspect of what’s visible to your audience (the opt-in pages, sharing pages, emails, etc) is 100% customizable, so you can use it in any language you want.



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