Viral Loop Review and Bonus

Viral Loop has evolved so soon until version 2.0 now. The first version is just launched in April this year. And Cindy's team is really working hard to give users the best they could. Now, Viral Loop 2.0 is live and let's check out what's the new thing come in place.


  • Product: Viral Loop 2.0
  • Vendor: Cindy Donovan & Keith Gosnell
  • Lanch date: 27th October 2016
  • Price range: FE $27
  • Website: Click here to access the website
  • Bonuses: Read below for more details


What's Viral Loop 2.0?

Viral Loop 2.0 is simply a WordPress theme built as a viral list building theme. This newest version, comes with additional features to let you get started as easy as possible. Below are the items that was added to this new version of Viral Loop 2.0.


  • STUNNING looking designs with ONE CLICK templates...
  • Use the step-by-step theme designer to customise your own look
  • Social Media sharing for posts AND building your media following
  • Check a box and enable member sign ups
  • Autoresponder integration to capture member sign up leads
  • A whopping 17+ ways to make money by simply activating your chosen modules
  • Display different CTA's based on logged in/or new visitor
  • Give users a reason to want to register and share with our TOPICS module
  • Members can also contribute new topics of discussion for organic (and automated) content and community growth
  • Multi-media content creator module can automatically spin your posts by enabling the integrated spinning tool


Early-bird Bonuses

What's more amazing this time, if you purchase Viral Loop 2.0 during this launch period, you'll get these 3 additional bonuses, which indeed I think is worth your investment.

  1. Multisite Licensing - you can use Viral Loop theme in unlimited number of sites, so that you can create as many cash machine as you like.
  2. Developers Licensing - whatever website you created with Viral Loop theme, you can sell the whole website out or help you client to create a website.
  3. Free Updates For Life - you'll get all the update releases in the future, version 3, 4, 5, etc.
  4. Unannounced Bonuses - you'll get to receive bonuses same as the April launch


The Funnel

Let's take a look what's in the one-time-offer.

Viral Loop Funnel


Viral Loop 2.0 Review and Verdict

With more testimonials about the product and more success stories, I believe Viral Loop 2.0 theme will work great for anyone who doesn't have experience in building a website or making money online. The theme itself is a great deed that can helped a lot of people and also save time.


Apart from that, the training videos are amazigly high quality and easy to follow. If you're VIP member, you get to access the VIP members area (different from download page), where you can access your purchase.

Viral Loop VIP


If you're just a newbie in internet marketing or affiliate marketing, then this is suitable for you.


What I like about Viral Loop 2.0

  • A ready-to-deliver team to help you write blog posts on your website to improve viral traffic and content.
  • Done-For-You niches website available for those who want to kickstart
  • Great design templates to select
  • Easy to follow video trainings


What I dislike about Viral Loop 2.0

  • Theme upload takes long time (may due to my hosting, not sure, but that's what I experienced)
  • Theme download different page with VIP members area, causing confusion

In conclusion, using Viral Loop 2.0 is a great way start kick off your online business in any niche. Never underestimate the power of viral content.

Overall 4.2 out of 5.0 score.

If you're interested, just head on to the link below in order to get your instant access to Viral Loop 2.0, plus early-bird bonuses.

<< I want Viral Loop 2.0 Now >>

To claim your unannounce bonuses, kindly email to with your purchase receipt, and we'll send you the bonuses within 48 hours.

<< This is the review during April 2016 launch >>

Viral Loop Review and Bonus - Check out my review on Viral Loop and grab my exclusive bonus.


Viral Loop is a ultimate WordPress theme that is packed with features that helps you add new and exciting twist to viral blog.

Viral Loop Review Logo

  • Product: Viral Loop
  • Vendor: Cindy Donovan & Keith Gosnell
  • Launch date: Pre-launch on 25th April, Cart open on 28th April
  • Price: From $27
  • Official website:


What is Viral Loop?

Viral Loop is a all-in-one WordPress Theme that helps you to encourage interaction with your subscribers / visitors to your website.


This Viral Loop WordPress Theme allows you to turn regular website visitors into interactive members and content creators, generating custome profiles, build fresh content easily, and allow sharing it with their social circles. This will helps create massive, unstopable viral traffic generation.


Viral Loop can help you generate your own viral and money-making posts in just 60 seconds! All this can only be done with the amazing simple post creator. Writing a post has never been that simple, fun and exciting!


With Viral Loop, all you need to follow is the 6 simple steps.


The 6 steps:

Viral Loop 6 Steps


Viral Loop is the most complete viral product to-date. It allows your customer to:

  • Upload and activate this powerful WP theme
  • Create fully fledged viral sites just minutes after install
  • Automatically capture new members email addresses
  • Monetize your traffic with perfect ad placements
  • Benefit from our 'list builder' technology
  • Allow a growing tribe to create new posts with just a few clicks


Viral Loop already looks great out of the box. Not only that, it has a collection of one-click preset themes, or you have the flexibility to change the look or feel of it as you like.


Bonus - there is a promo code to apply "earlybird". Check if still available.

What are the features in Viral Loop?

  1. Easy Configuration

    • With the full step-by-step wizard and tutorial, you will get familiar with the theme in no time
  2. Advertise Multiple Banners

    • You can upload and rotate different banners on pre-tested prime locations, proven to maximize your click-through-rate
  3. Lead Capture / AR Integration

    • Connect your Autoresponder to automatically capture email leads, so that you can further follow up and further monetize your blog
  4. Flexible Theme

    • You have the flexibility to change everything on the theme
  5. Enable / Disable Membership Signup

    • Allow visitors to become members so that they can create and share their own list
  6. Custom Profiles

    • Your members will receive a profile page displaying their collection and also encourage them to share on social media
  7. Display Messages

    • You can customize the message that you want to show for logged members or new visitors
  8. Social Media

    • You can add your social media links to automatically populate links to your profile pages to increase your social media following (from other people's content)
  9. Social Sharing

    • One-click activation to enable social sharing buttons on every part of the viral content
  10. Theme Monetization

    • You can make money with this theme, just have to add affiliate link on the "power by viral loop"




Remember to download the FREE report here...

<Link to FREE report>


Viral Loop Review









Try make yourself available for the content-packed live webinar

* How to setup your very own, highly profitable micro niche site to be an automated list building machine.


* How to maintain your site without ever writing an article or a single word of content.


* How to have other people build your site for you while you sit back and reap all the profits.


* How to find relevant offers to sell all your visitors and setup your site so it runs 24/7 on auto-pilot.


* The best part is you are going to learn how to do this without a single piece of software.


There is a strict limit of 1,000 seats and over 2,000 people have
already downloaded the Viral Loop Marketing Blueprint report.


Demo sites

Visit below examples of Viral Loop demo sites! (beta sites)

  1. Personal Development Niche Viral Loop Site
  2. Survival/Prepper Niche Viral Loop Site
  3. Affiliate Marketing Niche Viral Loop Site

Admin Area

The Upsell

  1. Viral Kickstart

    Viral Kickstart

  2. Viral Cash MachineViral Cash Machine

  3. Viral SurveyViral Survey




There are 6 bonuses material totally FREE for you during the launch period. Make sure you get it!


Viralloop bonus

Viralloop bonus


VERY IMPORTANT! You MUST delete your cookies to make sure you receive your bonus package. Click HERE to learn how. It only takes a few seconds to do.


Once you’ve done that, simply click here and buy ViralLoop WordPress Theme, then email your order receipt to and we’ll reply within 24 – 48 hours.




Basically Viral Loop WordPress theme is the ultimate viral marketing theme. Eventually, using this theme itself help to automate a lot of items needed for a post to go viral. The ability to engage your subcribers to post viral content also if a plus point.


Viral marketing is huge and its objective is to get more viewers. This comes with higher chance of monetizing the blog post itself. Not only a normal marketer would want this, even online business also prefer viral content. Thus, Viral Loop theme has come up at the right time, where nowadays marketers are trying very hard to get social media shares and make viral content.


Based on the need for the market, and also the comprehensive package that is provided by Viral Loop itself, no doubt this will be a wise choice to invest in for viral content creation and viral marketing. Recommended for those that own's a website and still cracking head to come up with viral blog posts.



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