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Great to hear that you are interested in WP Blog Rocket. My name is Kenny Phuah, I’m an internet marketer. Thank you for dropping by, I hope I can help you to understand more on WP Blog Rocket by Sean Donahoe.

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  • Product: WP Blog Rocket
  • Vendor: Sean Donahoe
  • Launch Date: 8th December 2015, 11 AM EST
  • Price: $67 – $97 (depends on what you want to invest)

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What is WP Blog Rocket?

WP Blog Rocket

This is a very powerful WordPress plugin developed by Sean Donahoe’s team. This software basically helps you to boost traffic, boost ranking, and engage viewers to your blog.

This would be a killer product before 2015 end. And Sean is very confident that WP Blog Rocket will get everyone crazy and love it.

Sean has combine the latest technology used by some most famous blog site into WP Blog Rocket. Huffington Post, Forbes, FoxNews, CNN just to name a few. These are exactly what the big players are using. And Sean will share this new plugin with you, and help you to gain more traffic.

Who is Sean Donahoe?


Sean Donahoe is a well-known internet marketer, speaker and author. He started Internet Marketing Success Center (IMSC) to help others learn how to make money online. Profit Builder, Rapid Mailer, Inner Circle etc. are some of his killer products.

He is serious on helping newbies to start internet marketing. And through his IMSC blog, you can get serious tips on how to be successful in the IM world.

Check out here for Sean’s testimonials.

How this plugin related to you?

If you are struggling to get traffic to your blog or website, then this might be right for you.

The key features provided by WP Blog Rocket plugin are:

  • Able to generate floods of laser-targeted traffic autopilot
  • Help you to rank your content or blog higher in SERP
  • Get more engagement with your market
  • Reduce blog bounce rate easily
  • Discover what viewers like about your content
  • Able to capture viewers interest
  • Easily create proven content that engage and convert
  • Instant “Smart Title” algorithm to help you create great title
  • Help you increase your social shares and follows
  • Spawn incredible content generation ideas
  • and much more…

This plugin is similar like a keyword research tool like Google keyword planner. Except this plugin helps you create “click magnet” titles instead of suggest related keywords. 80% of the people normally glance through titles. In order to get people to read your posts, great titles become very important.

Single click smart title suggestion and creation

WP Blog Rocket demo1

Generation of hundreds proven click-magnet titles

WP Blog Rocket demo2

WP Blog Rocket Reviews


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Good thing about WP Blog Rocket

Content marketing emphasis heavily on a good title. The eye-catching one naturally will get more attention and more clicks. This will give search engine the idea that the blog or website is very popular. Thus the blog or website will rank higher. And that’s what WP Blog Rocket will help you to do.

As the demo video shows, creating content and title are just a few clicks by using WP Blog Rocket.

The best thing about WP Blog Rocket is save time and energy. You will be able to generate eye-catching title without extra effort. You don’t need to crack your head out thinking about the best title. This plugins will give you list of suggestions for you to choose instead. And the title suggestions are best for engaging viewer to your content.

Besides, WP Blog Rocket can help you to test and track which title engage more viewers or clicks. This will help you to understand your audience. Hence you can adjust your blog and provide more on what your audience need. You can assess through the statistics or charts provided through the plugin.

WP Blog Rocket do come with a OTO which is called “ContentFirestorm“. This plugin will greatly help you to create your blog content. You do not need to do much of the research yourself. This plugin will help you do the search. You can embed a relevant video, quote content from other website, or insert a relevant image. Just a few clicks, and your content are done!

Can WP Blog Rocket be better?

WP Blog Rocket is amazing. This is needless to say. I would prefer if ContentFirestorm is a come-together plugin without the need to install separately.

Another point is, we will need to publish the title before we can know the stats. If we can roughly know the estimated percentage of viewers, that would help us more in getting the right title in the first place. 

Summary for you

Sean’s WP Blog Rocket is truly amazing. This simple plugin can really save you time, save you energy in creating content, and definitely help you generate more traffic. It tackles the most important factor on getting traffic in content marketing. If you are constantly writing blog or create review website, I guess WP Blog Rocket plugin will be essential for you. Use the plugin, and you can see targeted-audience flooding your website.

How to get hold of this plugin?

You can check out here directly.

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One last thing

If you really interested in WP Blog Rocket, try to grab a copy during 12/8/2015 – 12/15/2015. You will be able to enjoy limited time bonus package worth $773.

This is a very safe investment. If you find you’re unhappy with the plugin, for whatever reason, you can be sure Sean will refund your money with no hassle, and no questions asked. We have 30-days money back guarantee.

So even though it’s much less likely that you’ll be unhappy with this plugin, I felt it was worth mentioning that Sean has proven to be true to their word as far as their money back guarantee is concerned. So you can buy without fear of losing your money in case you change your mind about WP Blog Rocket, or you just plain don’t like the plugin for whatever reason.

WP Blog Rocket Reviews

I hope you like my review. Thank you again for your time.


Regards, Kenny Phuah

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